Corporate Profile

newAmps is an IT service group that provides Business Analytical Solution.


newAmps is an IT service group that provides Business Analytical Solution

With newAmps Technologies LLP and newAmps Consulting Pvt. Ltd. under it’s fold, newAmps is an Indian IT service group found by two big visionaries, Mr. Amitava Chatterjee and Mr. Kaushik Banerjee along with a handful of techno enthusiast, in 2015 . Headquartered at Kolkata, West Bengal, along with operations in USA and Middle East, the group endeavours to provide extensive Business Analytical Solutions with the use of various BI tools, Big data & Machine Learning, and Open source platforms. With an amalgamation of technologies like AI, ML, RPA , Big Data, Scala, Closure, etc. in practise, the group is serving a variegated sector from Pharmaceutical Research, Manufacturing and Process, Real estate, Banking and Retail domains.


Analyze potential data and bring out worthy solutions that help to deliver profitable outcomes

We believe in delivering our expertise formed through the unified knowledge of our team, each contributing their own point of views in building a solid outcome. This belief drives our vision to build technology, business and analytical experts that focus on one goal-to help our clients become successful, forgetting our own high profits if necessary. Unlike the past, today data is not just mere informations rather it is bringing out a world full of possibilities. Reckoning these possibilities takes more than numbers and technologies. It requires knowledgeable minds. Minds capable of analyzing potential informations for bringing out meaningful solution, that simplify business processes, supports decision making and at the same time are cost-efficient, rather than being priced to only make our profits reach sky high.


Maximize value and growth of customers through our techno-functional solution

Converting non-possibilities to possibilities is our moto. Our professionals have seen the diversity and gap in Technology services, so, we work our brains to deliver world class techno-functional solution as Solution Integrator to distinct industries, resulting in maximizing value and growth of both our customers and our own business. We achieve this by amalgamating continuous innovations, talents, cost-effectiveness, and technological excellence with a bundle load of business knowledge.


What’s best for the customers and partners, is best for newAmps

We let the data decide what’s best for our clients and do not rely on assumptions. In this era of Data Science, we process qualitative technology to satisfy and exceed customer expectations. We use client testimony to make continuous improvement in qualitative techniques What’s best for the customers and partners, is best for newAmps.