Our employees are our true assets. We believe in acknowledging the hard work that the employees put to deliver desired results and at the same time motivate the capable ones for their personal and professional growth.

Employee Recreation

newAmps, puts in efforts for employees rejuvenation by organizing regular team gatherings and unwinding sessions, arrange cultural event celebrations, birthday celebration, ethnic day celebrations, etc., providing opportunities to socialise and bond with colleagues within the organisation. Employees and their quality work is the most valuable asset of any organization.

Rewards & Recognition

At newAmps we recognize and reward the valuable inputs of our employees. Award ceremonies having various categories are designed to appreciate our employees, which we believe will contribute to their productivity and so to our business in return.

Performance Assessment

Performance assessment is broadly segregated into “what we do”, “how we do” and “what we obtain”. Each and every employee is assessed and scored by their reporting manger on the basis of certain criteria and schemes. Post evaluation and monitoring, we even suggest corrective measures for the employees overall benefits.

Employee Competency Development

As mentioned earlier we know and strongly believe that employees are the core strength of our organization. It’s really important to make an employee competent to do a work producing fruitful outcomes. At newAmps we assess the current competency and the required competency of an individual employee and accordingly provide training and development programs, as well as design programs to nurture rare skills such as “Spark”, “Python”, “R”, “Angular , React and Node Js”, “Clojure” and “UI path”.