People contributing to make effective difference

Amitava Chatterjee


The leader who transformed newAmps as comprehensive business analytical solution provider

Kaushik Banerjee


The leader with extensive experience in optimising sales, who brings in business for the company

Ram Krishna Ghosh

Data Science Engineer

A highly experienced man who provides consultative help to customers in varied platforms

Binod Sarkar

Associate Manager Data Science

A mentor with strong business and technical understanding of various industries

Akul Kumar Ardhala

Senior Manager, BI

Strong Technical and Leadership abilities, passionate in building best-in-class Platform and Product solutions

Kaveri Bhar

Consultant and Associate Manager

A developer, designer, consultant, mentor, leading newAmps from the front

Aditi Das


A highly efficient person who is building a team of efficient employees

Abhay Das

Senior UX Developer

Mr. Das has 8+ years of professional experience designing various client websites and mobility apps.