Accelerate business outcomes by developing customer centric solutions and experiences.



Advancement in urbanization and entry of online selling concept led to dynamic development of retail industry and at the same time has boosted the market competition. In this highly competitive market it really becomes crucial for retail companies to develop solutions that fit the needs of their customers and their shopping behaviour.


Customer Packaged Goods Customization

Increase in streamlined manufacturing and rising standards of supply chain management aligned with the growth of AI and IOT pose big challenge for the CPG companies to produce high level of product customization.

Meet the needs of customer and rebuild to the trending supply chain architecture with newAmps.


Optimize Distinct Department

Incoming of online shopping and e-merchants pose serious damages to speciality retailer. Meeting demands of customer convenience and providing streamed shopping experience that presents industry expertise are reliable factors for continuing in speciality retail.

newAmps provides you for conveying adaptable customer expedition in line with today’s digital standards.


Optimize Pricing and Promotion

It’s important for companies to have an idea about investing in promotion of those products which fit the needs of the customer.

Improve promo conversion by using big data to serve the right ad, at the right time, on the right device.


Personalize Recommendations

The efficiency of customer relation increases when the customers are provided according to their convenience. Studying customer data provides ample of knowledge about customers needs.

Through the use of Machine learning and Advanced analytics ,customers data, their clicks and purchases can be analyzed to provide rationalized recommendations that further drives lifetime value.


Increase Purchase Engagement

Thoroughly managed, distributed platform allows ETL data much faster and anchor machine learning to power recommendation engine which in turn speeds up query, increases prediction and contributes to ten times increase in purchase engagements, visit repetitions and incremental revenue gains.