Life Science

Derive the real power of digital transformation from data in Spark and relational DB, Node.js on server-side and Angular and Ejs on Front-End. Accelerate Prescription, Clinical and Hospital research through our diversified analytical platform that includes exploratory data analysis, machine learning and advanced algorithms and product engineering.


Patient-centric Insights

Acheive operational efficiency in daily census and bed turnover,manage inventories of essential drugs and optimise supply chain by complying with drug safety. Enhance patient care by in-depth analysis of patient history across different healthcare channels. Aggregate costs, charges , payments and medical cases to understand net gain by medical procedures.


Improved therapeutics

Reduce cost by modelling real-life data to accelerate drug discovery, improve disease identification, boost marketing and sales effectiveness by targeting high-end prescribers.Employed data preparation, analytics and AI at massive scale transforming pharmaceutical companies.