Advanced Analytics

Get new insights into data and make better decisions.

Data Governance

Governing data is our top most priority. Raw data is held inside the staging system to ensure batch data and also to maintain it’s proper pipeline and validity. Streaming data is stored for future analytics while penetrating to dashboard.


We innovate products according to the usage and trend of the Enterprises, incorporating basic BI segments and if necessary advanced analytical platform along with removing the need to migrate data.

Data Exploration

Our product provides users or developers full control to monitor and explore data from separate data sets . As well as AI based meta database anomaly can be detected out of the box.

Data Management

A single source of truth is uniquely vital. Agile performance without writing a single code on Scala or Python and integrating robust query platforms like Apache Drill, Apache Presto is the key feature of our product.

Solution design to amplify decisions

To magnify business outcomes and provide cost efficient solutions is just one of the factors behind our motivation to make innovations. Simultaneously we aim to design solutions that are easy to grasp, maintain and are eye soothing for our partners.

Buying multiple tools for data analysis moves our mind away from the business problem area. Using Self-service analytics modeller digs into your data and immediately, you can publish the insights and share with your team.
A journey from Descriptive to Prescriptive model is focused into individual business cases. The solution should cover future possibilities, insights into current situation, root cause behind the data element and decision forecasts.
Perform multiple tasks in parallel such as Master data management, extraction load and transformation process, data management, data quality, data governance etc. and grow your analytical exposure as your data grows.
Work over granular data in staging layer inside Hadoop than aggregated data. Data integrity in-built rules based upon Python data engine.
100% Web-based platform that you can control and design through the browser. Inside the single platform get data from ELT/ETL/Pipeline and create both Analytical and Dimensional analytics. Install it on-cloud or inside your premise ; no perpetual license needed.
Create ML and AI models for business needs such as customer segmentation, price optimization, store fulfilment, merchandise demand, loan processing and many more.

Vertical of Operation

We use the latest trends because you deserve better

Sales Chanel

Solution Orientation

We use the latest trends because you deserve better

Customer Segmentation
Price Optimization
Store Fulfillment
Clearence price & Stock Suffle
Marchendise demand
Loan Processing AI
Process optimization
Credit risk prediction
Fraude detection
Prod mix to Market
Anomaly Detection - IoT asset
Deep penetration Index - Route Optimization